Our store, Johnsons Home & Garden, is currently accepting blog submissions on new and innovative content from the following fields:

Automotive, Building, Cleaning & Organizing, Electrical, Installation, Farming, Barbecue and Grills, Hardware, Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Canning, Lawn and Garden, Animals, Painting and Staining, Power Tools, or any topic or store products relating to Johnsons Home & Garden!

As a blog contributor, you will receive full acknowledgement which is designed to give greater visibility to your business or organization.

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed by the Johnsons’ management team for approval prior to publication. If accepted, your blog post will be published on the Johnsons Home & Garden blog section of our website. We will also promote your blog post on our social media platforms that may acquire hundreds, possibly thousands of insights throughout the community and its surrounding areas. We ask that you please go over the blog guidelines listed below to make sure your work is a good fit.

Helpful Tips to get you Started:

  • Determine your main message and make it concrete. Triple check your work to make sure the point of your post is extremely clear. Then back it up with examples, details, etc.
  • Remember to be prescriptive; don’t just tell readers to do something, explain how and be descriptive!
  • Blog as if you’re telling a story, like a journalist. Be sure to cover who, what, where, when, why, and how.
  • Share things you’re done and seen, lessons you’ve learned, problems you’ve solved, etc.
  • Write as if you’re talking to your grandmother. Say I, we, you. If you’re unsure of someone understanding any abbreviations, just spell it out.
  • Give credit and double check those facts and quotations. Cite all your sources.
  • Lastly, let your heart show. Where appropriate, share your feelings!

Blog Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit your full draft in a Word document (preferred) and any other information to the email provided at the end of this post.
  • When submitting your work, you should include your blog article, a personal bio, and any other supporting images.
  • Your bio should be included and should be around 60 words long. This portion should include any relevant links you wish to display; Instagram, Facebook, website, URL, etc.
  • If you are providing supporting images along with your article, please make sure they are high res images (PNG or JPGs) and contain a somewhat descriptive name (e.g. content-marketng-personas-image1)

All blog submissions and blog related questions should be sent to: g.deskins@johnsonshg.com

We thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing the address above or calling the store at (425) 432-3384.


Thank you,

The Johnsons Blog Team