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Johnsons Home & Garden - Plumbing Supplies

Shop for all your plumbing needs right here at Johnsons Home & Garden in Maple Valley, WA. We have an huge selection of plastic, copper, galvanized, brass, and iron piping and fittings. You’ll find a large assortment of valves, lines, hoses, pumps, drains, and parts for household fixtures.

Plastic Pipe & Fittings

  • PVC Piping
  • PVC Elbows & Adapters
  • PVC Couplings
  • PVC Fittings

Metal Pipe & Fittings

  • Copper Piping, Fittings, & Valves
  • Brass Piping, Fittings, & Valves
  • Iron Piping, Fittings, & Valves
  • Galvanized Piping, Fittings, & Valves

Plumbing Supplies

  • Wrenches & Tools
  • Cement, Primer, & Cleaners
  • Plungers, Augers, and Chemicals
  • Household Fixtures & Parts