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Johnsons Home & Garden - Hardscaping & Landscaping

The new Johnsons Home & Garden Center has a large selection of hardscaping and landscaping materials. Whether you’re taking on a large project or just a small weekend project, you’ll find everything you need at Johnsons. We have pavers, stones, architectural slabs, wall blocks & caps, paver sand & guide panels, do-it-yourself project kits, and much more.

Pavers & Patio Stones

  • Red Brick
  • Concrete & Aggregate
  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Masonry Slabs

Retaining Walls

  • Wall Blocks
  • Wall Caps
  • Wall Pins & Stakes
  • Installation Guides


  • Edging Stones
  • Paver Sand & Panels
  • Project Kits
  • Sealant & dyes