Key Cutting Service at Johnsons Home & Garden

Did you know Johnsons offers some very handy home services for recycling, repairs, and maintenance around your household?  We have some unique and convenient services that will make quick work of things like Screen Repair as easy as bringing them into Johnsons for repair.  We can recycle your light bulbs or household batteries.  We have assembly and local home delivery* of BBQ Grills.  We’re not just your average big-box hardware store.

*Local delivery WITHIN 10 MILES OF  JH&G is available for most items for $60.  Beyond 10 mile delivery is available at stores discretion.  Please contact the store for pricing and other details.

Home Screen Repair Services

Screen Repair

Screen repair for windows and doors.

Pipe Threading Services

Pipe Threading

Pipe Threading for up to 2″ in diameter

Key Duplicating & Cutting Services

Key Duplicating

House Keys, Padlock Keys, Auto Keys, Side-cut Keys, and Transponder Keys

Sharpening for Saw Blades, Lawn Mower Blades, Chainsaws, and other blades

Blade Sharpening

We provide sharpening for Chainsaws, Lawn Mower Blades, and now Circular Saw Blades.

Hedge Trimmer Sharpening

Hedge Trimmer Blade Sharpening

Single Sided Blades: $35.00 + tax

Double Sided Blades: $45.00 + tax

Pet Tag Engraving Services

Pet Tag Engraving

Our tags can come in various shapes and sizes, customized wording on the front and back, different fonts to choose from.  Stop by our Service Desk at the front of the store for more information!