Flexcut Carving tools for woodworking

Flexcut Carving Tools is the gold standard when it comes to wood carving tools.  The design of each and every tool was made by people of love the art of carving, so you can expect the ultimate experience and a lifetime of enjoyment.  You’ll find almost every carving knife you will need and they are all great for beginners.  All Flexcut knives are designed & made in the USA!Made in the USA

Flexcut Carving Knives at Johnsons Home & Garden

Carving Knives

Flexcut Palm Tools for smaller wood carving projects

Palm Tools

Flexcut Micro Tools for extra fine detail wood carving

Micro Tools

Flexcut Mallet Tools for large wood carving projects

Mallet Tools

Flexcut Power Gouges for by hand or power reciprocating tools

Power Gouges

Flexcut Knife Strop sharpening stone


Flexcut Carving Safety