Stihl pruning tools at Johnsons Home & Garden

At Johnsons, we have STIHL Pruning Tools for all your plant and tree care needs.  We have hand tools that are sized to the user’s hands and features like comfort grips and ergonomic handles; carbon steel blades that can be re-sharpened and replaced; lightweight materials that increase portability without sacrificing durability.

We have gas powered pole pruners, giving you the power and precision to trim once-inaccessible branches down to size. You may not be able to identify every component of STIHL technology at work, but you’ll feel it in your hands: The balanced weight. The smooth cutting operation. Every integral part working together as you take down limbs – all while standing firmly on the ground. STIHL pole pruners are easy to operate, easy to carry and easy to maintain. It’s a win/win/win for homeowners and professionals alike.

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