Pacific Northwest Fruit TreesLate Summer and Fall are excellent times to plant new fruit trees and almost all other plants here Western Washington.

Check out this great Fruit Tree Resource Guide from the Washington State University Extension office of Western Washington.

Here’s a list of Fruit Trees we have in stock right now (as of Aug 25th 2016). Hurry in while they are still here!





Ripe early September. Both Red and Common strains are widely grown in western Washington




Ripe early to mid September. Yellow apple with good natural resistance to scab but susceptible to mildew.



Large, smooth-skinned yellow apple with orange-red blush on a yellow background skin color.


fruit-Apple-McintoshCrisp flesh and exceptionally juicy and bright white in color.

Northern spy

fruit-Apple-Northern-SpyLate season, large and stout apple with carmine red skin married with streaks of yellow and pale green.


fruit-Apple-FujiRipe mid September to early October. Very firm, sweet flavor, excellent keeping quality


fruit-Apple-GalaRipe mid September. Very firm dense flesh with sweet flavor.


Red Bartlett

Pick early to mid September. Used widely for both fresh eating and canning.


Pick late September. Old French variety, classic late dessert pear.

Shinko Oriental

Pick in September. Medium to large fruit with a brown to golden-brown skin.

Shinseiki Oriental

Ripe in early to mid September. Yellow skin, high quality with crisp, white, juicy flesh, a mild, sweet flavor.

Nijisseiki Oriental

Medium sized, round, yellow fruit are said to be the most flavorsome of all Asian variety of Pears.

4 Way Asian Pear

Shinko Asian pear, Nijisseiki Asian pear, Shinseiki Asian pear, and Chojuro Asian pear. With four types of pair each branch will pollinate the other, and other pear trees likewise even English pairs such as Bartlett.

Miscellaneous Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Puget Gold Apricot

Developed in western WA, its very easy to grow and disease resistant.

Sam Cherry

Ripen through July. Ripe color leans toward blackened red and sweet tasting.

Royal Ann Cherry

Ripens through July. Large sweet cherry that is yellow in color with a red blush.

Jefferson hazelnut

Harvest in late summer to early fall. Sweet buttery taste. Disease and drought tolerant.

We also have in stock:

  • Blueberries
  • Dwarf Blueberries
  • Lingonberries
  • Raspberries
  • Darrow Blackberries.
  • Black Currents,
  • Cherry Red Currents.