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How To – Seasonal Start-up for Your Generator

Learn how to get your generator ready for the stormy season.  If you're like most folks around the Pacific Northwest, your generator just sits around until the power goes out due to wind, snow, or ice storms.  Now is the time to pull your generator out of hibernation and make sure it's ready [...]

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Reasons to Replace Your Furnace Filter

It's that time of the year where colder temperatures are making it necessary to turn up that old heat dial on the furnace.  Before the really cold temps get here, it would really be a good idea to change your furnace filters.  Watch the video from our store manager, Jim, as he explains [...]

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FALL is for Planting

Late Summer and Fall are excellent times to plant new fruit trees and almost all other plants here Western Washington. Check out this great Fruit Tree Resource Guide from the Washington State University Extension office of Western Washington. Here's a list of Fruit Trees we have in stock right now (as of Aug 25th 2016). [...]

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Fruit Tree Transplant Season

March & early April, and late Summer are the perfect times of year to plant new fruit trees here Western Washington.  Believe it or not, Eastern Washington isn't the only place that can grow and produce fruit.  If fact, there many varieties of fruit trees that do very well here. The coastal maritime climate of [...]

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Deck Maintenance

The last days of Summer are here and can be great months to start preparing your deck for winter.  Because the weather is typically dry during late summer and early fall, now is a good time to do some deck maintenance. There's nothing like a gathering of family and friends on a back-yard deck, but [...]

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Summer Pond Maintenance

Water gardens and ponds can be a central feature of your landscape, but also be a great source of peace and relaxation.  But just like everything else around your house, they need some regular maintenance to keep them healthy.  In fact, you should think of your pond as a single living organism. No matter how [...]

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