No one knows paint better than the paint experts at Johnsons Home & Garden. That’s why we sat down with Sue, our paint expert and front-end manager, to get an inside look at the latest paint line added to the store collection.

What makes Benjamin Moore different from other paint lines? All Benjamin Moore paint is proud to be sold exclusively at independent stores. Benjamin Moore is known for their impressive color selection, brand recognition, commitment to quality and outstanding support to all their dealers.

What does Johnsons’ carry other than Interior paint? Besides interior paint, they provide a full line of exterior paint, cabinet specialty paints as well as a full range of primers for different uses depending on the job.  Within the Benjamin Moore paint line, there are a few different formulated paints to highlight.

Aura is considered to be Benjamin Moore’s ‘top of the line’ paint. It’s low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and available in interior. Aura comes in an eggshell finish, making it perfect for high humidity rooms such as bathrooms or spas.

Regal is a virtually zero VOC and is offered in interior and full sheen in flat, matte, eggshell, pearl or semi-gloss making this a truly versatile option. As for exterior, this can be found in flat finish, low luster and soft gloss.

Advance is a paint waterborne alkaloid (alkyd) and also the newest addition to the Benjamin Moore line. It dries like an oil base but cleans up with soap and water providing excellent durability and a high-quality choice for cabinetry and other woodworking projects.

What colors are trending right now? Grey used to be disliked and likened to the sometime dreary Northwest weather.  Now grey tones are popular.  Customers are updating their exterior accent colors by, for example, incorporating a white trim.  They are also experimenting with color.  Some want a bold look, while others lean toward earthy tones so we work with our customers to find the color that speaks to their imagination and represents their personality.

Can your mood change dependent on the color of the room? Studies show that colors in a room can impact emotions and feelings.  Cool blues and greens can evoke relaxation.  Warm yellows and oranges can make you feel happy and energized.  It’s very important to consider the effects of color to make good decisions for each room.

How does one determine the color? Not everyone is comfortable at picking out colors but we can assist. If customers are ever unsure on how to choose, we have several hundred of complimentary color chips to take home. We also have books at our Paint Desk to offer inspiration.

Are there trained experts on the Benjamin Moore line? You’ll find at least eight Johnsons’ team members who are trained and understand the full Benjamin Moore line.  John, our Benjamin Moore representative, personally trained employees when we originally introduced the line. On the rare occasion that we aren’t able to answer a customer question, John can usually direct us.  Our goal is to help our customers find the right paint for the project.

We believe that the Benjamin Moore paint line is perfect for Johnsons Home & Garden as it is only carried in small businesses like ours. Our knowledgeable team has confidence that the product will do exactly what it says it’ll do. If you want great coverage, durability and the ability to clean your walls, it’s time to stop by our store for a closer look at the Benjamin Moore line.