Deep Cleaning Your House Checklist

How to Deep Clean Your House Now is the time to deep clean and restore some order to your home (since coronavirus has you quarantined at home, anyway). Whether you need to clean up from months of neglect, vacuum up the never-ending pile of pet hair, or just get your house looking like new again, [...]

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Reblooming Orchids

Don’t throw that orchid away, get it to rebloom! Talk about flower power! Orchids, especially Phalaenopsis or moth orchids, can bloom for months. Moth orchids are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and one of the easiest orchids to grow. But, plant parents are asking themselves, how do I get them to rebloom? Paying attention to [...]

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Types of Pest Control Methods

Though not a popular topic of interest, pest control remains a part of everyone’s property maintenance checklist. For centuries, pest removal has been a serious concern for people. In fact, it has become part of our everyday life since we started growing crops. Over the centuries, pest control has evolved into several types, which have [...]

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How To – Seasonal Start-up for Your Generator

Learn how to get your generator ready for the stormy season.  If you're like most folks around the Pacific Northwest, your generator just sits around until the power goes out due to wind, snow, or ice storms.  Now is the time to pull your generator out of hibernation and make sure it's ready [...]

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