Summer is in full swing and gardeners everywhere are anticipating their harvest soon.  With all the fresh veggies and fruit, it can be really difficult to eat everything you grow.  So, why not learn to do some canning to preserve your summer bounty for a well-stocked pantry through the dark, winter months.

Our very own Washington State University Extension has some great advice on how to preserve your food safely.  There are different canning methods depending on what you are trying to preserve.  For example, if you’re trying to can tomatoes, you can use the boiling method or the pressure cooking method.  Either way works just fine, but if you’re trying to can meats, fish, or seafood, you need to use the pressure cooking method to preserve safely.

Checkout this article from the WSU Extension to find the proper method:

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned canning veteran, Johnsons Home & Garden has some special pricing on canning supplies and equipment to get you started.