How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary

What everyone needs is a tranquil sanctuary to come home to after a long day. With daily stressors and always being on the go, it is essential that you have a place you call home that helps you rest and relax, while being conducive for family time. It’s important to be able to sit back and remember what is really important for you and your wellbeing.

According to feng shui, our bodies run on self-generated electrical energy called ‘chi.’ Chi can be detected by our senses in a room. We want to optimize the flow of energy in each room environment of our house, and this can be achieved by following feng shui practices. Feng shui is established not only through strategic placement of furniture, but also how you improve the positive vibes and functionality of each room through practical measures.

Consider the following tips to make your home the serene dwelling place you need to unwind.


Clutter in a room literally creates what is called ‘stuck energy.’ Accordingly, stuck energy breaks the energy flow necessary to promote a healthy living environment full of positive vibes, and clutter only increases stress and the likelihood of low productivity.

In fact, try stripping a room to its purest form, where the only objects and furniture in sight are the ones that you would like to use or see.  In short, decluttering increases simplicity in order to reduce stress. Part of decluttering means to keep pathways clear in a room, in order to promote free energy flow and reduce any stress from having to step over things.

Appeal to Your Senses

In order to create positive energy, consider ways to appeal to all your senses in the rooms of your home. Picking a scent is an immediate and inexpensive way to set the mood of your home and add peace and tranquility, leading to more chi. Consider essential oils, incense, and/or aromatherapy. Also consider the sense of touch, like buying some fuzzy slippers and adding a plush throw blanket to your couch. Pick out some easy listening music to try as well.

Optimize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the hub of positive energy flow and the source of rest and peace you desire. There are certain steps you can take to make your bedroom the relaxation haven you need. Remember to keep the lights dim in your room and get rid of wall clocks that can add pressure and stress to the room. Add candles, soft blankets, and some good books to curl up with. You also should invest in the proper sleep structure and mattress as well.

Choose the Power of Nature

We belong with nature and adding parts of nature to your home is demonstrated to significantly reduce stress. As feng shui has to do with your personal experience and interaction with your surroundings, think fresh flowers and plants. Plants have been shown in research to elevate mood, reduce anxiety, and improve cognitive functioning, not to mention absorbing household toxins.

Maximize the amount of natural light that flows in your house as well.  If you have a nice view of nature or a city skyline through your windows, then open them. Keep your blinds or curtains open during the day to boost mood and comfort levels.

The power of feng shui is a holistic, all-encompassing experience of chi that can be harnessed through making simple, yet powerful changes to each room in your home. These tips should help you get started transforming your home into the stress-free haven it should be.