Make Your Home a Sanctuary

How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary What everyone needs is a tranquil sanctuary to come home to after a long day. With daily stressors and always being on the go, it is essential that you have a place you call home that helps you rest and relax, while being conducive for family time. [...]

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What is Fastener Tensile Strength

Teco nail (high strength steel) vs. Decking Screw (cast iron). No, we're not talking about the Christmas Tree decorations here... :-)  Do-it-yourselfers (DIY'ers) are very busy building things this time of year, like decks and deck coverings, sheds, shelving, etc.  One of the issues facing DIY'ers is knowing what fasteners should be used [...]

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Grand Opening Celebration

Johnsons Home & Garden is celebrating the opening of our new store with a GRAND OPENING EVENT!  Come join us starting May 3rd through May 5th to see our new digs and participate in some special events. Johnathan Hilstrand (Captain of Time Bandit) TV Celebrity AND Author Johnathan Hilstrand (captain of the Time Bandit - [...]

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