Small Space Container GardeningMany people believe that living in an apartment is generally small and cramped. While this may be the case, there are ways to make it appear bigger. Let’s make the most of those small spaces by utilizing the things around us. It’s a good thing that your local hardware store has ALL of the supplies in the list below to assist you!

Container Gardening Supplies come in a variety of different materials, all with the same intention of helping you get that successful garden. But wait, apartments usually don’t have yards to plant in so that’s where container gardening supplies come in handy. Whether you have a small patio or want to grow houseplants, we are your destination for all things container gardening.

S-Hooks are a great, multi-purpose tool that can be used for hanging towels from a towel bar in the bath, soap on a rope in the shower, even holding dish brushes or kitchen pans. S-hooks have countless uses and they will last forever! Get creative and find a new use for them, we dare you!

Cotton Twine has been a popular alternative trend to standard ribbon for sustainability purposes. Similar to wrapping gifts, cotton twine can be safely used for wrapping leftovers, wall hangings or curtains.

Candles are frequently used throughout the year, but did you know these should be included in your emergency supply kit? In our store you’ll be able to find a great selection of plumber’s candles and other tea light packs well priced and equally suited for the dinner table or for when you loose electricity!

Mason Jars are handy to use all over the house from grains and dry goods in the pantry, to string cotton balls or laundry detergent. The pandemic has left a national shortage of these versatile jars so be sure to give the store a call before making the trip!

Copper Scrubbers put all other standard scrubbers to shame and makes your life way easier when it comes to clean up. Who doesn’t love cutting their chore time in half?  That’s exactly what copper scrubbers do.  Give them a try!

Terra Cotta Pots are another multi-purpose tool that often gets overlooked and simply used for just a planter for flowers. These special pots can be used for holding items inside for your house or flipped upside down to add height to another pots.

Galvanized Pails are not only sturdy, but can be used for a multitude of things! Use them as a tote cleaning tool or bath waste basket. Just be sure to take care of the metal as galvanized steel material can rust depending largely on the type and thickness or the galvanized coating.

Tension Rods are another great tool that can be intermixable and used throughout the home. Renters love tension rods for one simple reason, no installation! These no-screw tension rods can be mounted inside cabinets, paper towel dispensers, you name it!

Multi-Use Brown Paper goes a long way if you know how to use it. Often used for wrapping gifts (with Cotton Twine), lining shelves, covering the table for dinner, or even creating a drawing space or wall for the children. Win win!

Small Space - Casters for furniture for easy movingCasters just makes moving heavy things around effortless and is better for your back. How many times have you had to move the coffee table just to be able to get around in your home? Not anymore! Install a few caster wheels under your furniture for easy rolling or under-the-bed storage boxes!

Command Hooks are all about versatility. With several to choose from, you can find the perfect one for the job. Display hats, scarves, hang art, purses, whatever you can think of because a damage free installation remains consistent (renters rejoice!)