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Creating a Luscious Lawn

If you thought this hot dry summer has been hard on you, imagine what your lawn must be feeling right now! Long-time team member and lawn and garden expert, Amy, shared her insights of all things lawn so you can get your yard back to its beautiful, luscious green once again. When is the best [...]

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Find Your Perfect Hydrangea

Who can resist color-changing blooms as huge as snowballs?! No one! That’s why no garden is complete until it has at least one hydrangea. With their picturesque foliage and magical blooms, these flower shrubs are a constant delight. Plus, hydrangeas are easy to care for – as long as you pick the right variety for [...]

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6 Kid and Pet Friendly Plants

Danger could be lurking anywhere when you’ve got kids and pets. That’s why parents do their best to baby-proof and petscape. And when you’re a plant parent, the last thing you want to think about is your real babies or furbabies snacking on your plant babies. Whether it’s because they’re poisonous or prickly, some plants [...]

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Pond Ground Rules 101

Now that you’ve started planning on having a pond…. it’s time to get to work! Components of a Pond: Altogether, a pond system is an interlaced community involving biological filters (bio-falls), mechanical filters (skimmers), aquatic plants, rock and gravel, pumps, pond liners and even koi fish if you want to go that route! If set [...]

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Reblooming Orchids

Don’t throw that orchid away, get it to rebloom! Talk about flower power! Orchids, especially Phalaenopsis or moth orchids, can bloom for months. Moth orchids are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and one of the easiest orchids to grow. But, plant parents are asking themselves, how do I get them to rebloom? Paying attention to [...]

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Types of Pest Control Methods

Though not a popular topic of interest, pest control remains a part of everyone’s property maintenance checklist. For centuries, pest removal has been a serious concern for people. In fact, it has become part of our everyday life since we started growing crops. Over the centuries, pest control has evolved into several types, which have [...]

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Introduction to Hydrangeas – Blooms, Blooms and more Blooms

Welcome to Johnsons Home & Garden's first blog article after becoming The State of Washington's 2017 Hardware All Star hardware Store as proclaimed by Hardware + Building Supply Dealer (H+BSD). Hydrangea: Annabelle (aborenscens) Today, our subject is hydrangeas. Now, I know, that is a huge subject. Whether it be aborenscens, macrophylla, paniculata, serrata [...]

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Fruit Tree Transplant Season

[su_row]March & early April, and late Summer are the perfect times of year to plant new fruit trees here Western Washington.  Believe it or not, Eastern Washington isn't the only place that can grow and produce fruit.  If fact, there many varieties of fruit trees that do very well here. The coastal maritime climate of [...]

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Deck Maintenance

The last days of Summer are here and can be great months to start preparing your deck for winter.  Because the weather is typically dry during late summer and early fall, now is a good time to do some deck maintenance. There's nothing like a gathering of family and friends on a back-yard deck, but [...]

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Summer Pond Maintenance

Water gardens and ponds can be a central feature of your landscape, but also be a great source of peace and relaxation.  But just like everything else around your house, they need some regular maintenance to keep them healthy.  In fact, you should think of your pond as a single living organism. No matter how [...]

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