Welcome to Johnsons Home & Garden’s first blog article after becoming The State of Washington’s 2017 Hardware All Star hardware Store as proclaimed by Hardware + Building Supply Dealer (H+BSD).

Hydrangea Annabelle at Johnsons Home & Garden

Hydrangea: Annabelle (aborenscens)

Today, our subject is hydrangeas. Now, I know, that is a huge subject. Whether it be aborenscens, macrophylla, paniculata, serrata or quercifolia, Johnsons carries some of each. Today, we’re going to give a brief description of some of them and list many of the varieties of each species we carry. Aborenscens is a very fun specie. We normally carry Annabelle and Incrediball, both sun lovers with huge white flower heads that will definitely turn heads when in full bloom. They bloom on new wood, so can be cut back each year.

Hydrangea-Endless-Summer at Johnsons Home & Garden

Hydrangea: Endless Summer (macrophylla)

Macrophylla is one of the larger specie families. Macrophylla’s are most often seen in blue or pink with a mop head flower and do well if planted in afternoon shade. There are many varieties in this species, for the most part they bloom on the second year’s wood. So be careful when pruning them in fall, so as not to cut off next years flowers. The exception is the beautiful ‘Endless Summer‘ varieties. This variety blooms on old and first year wood so as to give you many, many blooms. Johnsons carries a large variety of macrophlla hydrangea, including all four ‘Endless Summer’ varieties. Endless Summer Original, Broomstruck, Blushing Bride and the lace cap variety Twist-n-Shout.

Hydrangea-wedding-gown at Johnsons Home & Garden

Hydrangea: Lacecap Wedding Gown (macrophylla)

Other macrophlla’s carried are Pistachio (the green and pink bloomer), Pia, (the dwarf variety), Nikko Blue and the beautiful lace cap, Wedding Gown. The specie Serrata is a much smaller family of plants. We normally carry Preziosa, usually a pretty soft pink bloomer. Now for the Oak leaf specie, quercifolia. Oak Leafs will handle a lot more sun than the macrophlla’s, and the fall leaf color is worth the price of the plant itself. Most of the cone shaped blooms are white, with more and more having great red blooms. Johnsons carries many varieties including the newer Ruby Slippers, Jet Stream, Queen of Hearts and Alice. Finally is the specie

Hydrangea-Diamond-Rouge at Johnsons Home & Garden

Hydrangea: Diamond Rouge (Paniculata)

Paniculata, which is a cone shaped bloomer. One of the first was PeeGee. We now carry a very large group of these sun lovers. My personal favorite is Vanilla Strawberry, however Diamond Rouge, White Diamonds, Limelight, Little Lime and Bombshell are all beautiful plants. Again, this is a very small list of the 70 to 75 varieties on the market today. We will be looking at each specie down the road in future article/blogs. Don’t forget to come and check out Washington’s number one hardware store, Johnsons Home & Garden, 35,000 square feet of fun!